Presto’s Weekend Shenanigans

Yeah, I know. Henny is wondering where his blog went too, and WTF this kid thinks he’s doing hogging the spotlight. But a) it feels like such a privilege to still have Presto, I really can’t stop obsessing, and b) soon I won’t be seeing him as often and won’t have much to say except “yep, he’s a baby horse”, so I’m taking full advantage of Presto posts while I can. Henny will get his blog (and Instagram and facebook) back soon, I promise. But for right now it’s really hard to compete with Presto cuteness.

I mean, come on, this isn’t even a fair contest

I got to play with Presto a lot on Saturday and Sunday. Sometimes I just sat there and watched him do normal baby horse things… it’s amazing how much more you appreciate that stuff when your foal very nearly didn’t make it. Everything he does is cute and it makes me so incredibly happy to see him bouncing around and neighing and having a good time. He’s earned it.


He still talks a lot. I mean… A LOT. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a foal that had this much to say. He neighs at people, he neighs at horses, he neighs just for the sake of neighing sometimes. On Saturday morning the neighbor let her horses out, and as they wandered over toward where Presto was, he immediately marched over and introduced himself.

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Baby neighs! 😍

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This kid. He’s so funny. So brave and bold and sure of himself. Although he did get really mad at us when we put his halter on for the first time. Poor guy, the only halter he’s worn so far was the one attached to his muzzle at the clinic, so I’m pretty sure he thought we were muzzling him. It took two of us to get the halter on, and then he just stood there with his head down and ears flopped out sideways. My heart broke a little bit. He eventually realized he wasn’t muzzled and got over it, but still glared at us for the next few hours as if we had betrayed him.

I tied a Jolly Ball up in his pen, which he alternates between scratching himself on and playing tetherball with. Sometimes he just stands there gleefully swinging it in circles (which initially scared the crap out of Liam next door) but he seems to like having something to play with while he’s still relegated to a smaller space.

Speaking of Liam… Presto has tried really hard to make friends. Initially Liam would not come anywhere near him. Presto kept sticking his head through the fence and nickering at him, but Liam just gave him the stink eye and kept his distance.


Then there was the time when Liam was sleeping and Presto snuck up behind him.

Oh, Liam. At least you’re beautiful.

By Sunday he did finally succeed in getting Liam to come over and make friends with him. First they just made baby face at each other.

Then started trying to grab each other’s halters (because of course).

and then finally Liam let his true personality shine through and Presto regretted trying to make friends with this maniac.

Poor Presto, he’s just a little outmatched in the coltish behavior department at this point. He’s doing his best to catch up though, already having gotten in trouble for biting and kicking me. Some of his sass is starting to come out now, so he might just end up being a good match for Liam whenever he catches up to him growth-wise. Nonetheless, he really isn’t deterred by Liam’s physical superiority and still constantly tries to get him to play, even if he tends to regret it afterward.

He also had his first leading and grooming lessons on Sunday. No surprise, he’s much better for the grooming. He is his mother’s child, no doubt, I see parts of her personality shining through more and more.

which is a-ok with me, she’s my best girl

He also got to go out in the big pasture for the first time (well, the first time since he was born) on Sunday. It was only for a few minutes because he’s not quite ready for tons of movement yet, but Sadie really needed to blow off a little steam so they got a quick 10 minutes. It was the first time he’s ever galloped, which was really fun to watch as he figured out how to move his legs that fast. Michelle got lots of pics with her nice camera, so when she uploads them I’ll post them here. Until then, I leave you with this:

Exactly why I didn’t name him Levitate. His mom already does.

17 thoughts on “Presto’s Weekend Shenanigans

  1. I’m SO glad to see he’s home and doing well! I feel like he and my baby would get along great, all mine wants to do is play, but the other foal is HUGE at 2 months old and I’m nervous to let them out together still. I love Henry too, but I’ll take as much Presto as I can get. 😉


    1. Yeah I dunno what happened, she was so tiny when she was younger. I was really worried she wouldn’t break 16h!! It took until she was 7 or so but yeaaaah, she’s 17h and wide as a tank now.


  2. Yay!! Sorry, Henny…but we need Presto updates right mow.
    It is so good to see he up to normal baby horse stuff.
    Baby neighs are so cute!


  3. love this update (Thought I posted this yesterday but dont see it) told everyone at my barn and at work and everyone is very pleased Presto is having a good time being home! And Liam is so cute and we might need more Rory photos too!! Henry cares less about his blog he knows he will be back 🙂


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