On Pause

Well, uh, March didn’t quite go as I had planned. I knew better than to enter any shows in March, since Sadie’s due date was mid-month. But I only planned on being in Midland for 4 or 5 days, giving Henry a little mini-vacation and then being ready to come out swinging for a couple shows in April.


almost as funny as when I put blue hoof conditioner on Henry and he just loved it

Instead I spent 10 days in Midland, and 4 straight weekends. Henry’s mini-vacay turned into basically a month off. I was able to ride him on the weekdays when I was home, but mentally I was just not in the right place to be able to put in a serious ride. Mostly we just trotted and cantered through the fields, because every horsewoman knows that a canter really is the cure for every evil. Henry didn’t seem to mind the time off from real work, but he’s a little bit fat and in dire need of a spa day at the moment.

Because of all that (and, uh… the general state of emptiness in my wallet), we’re sitting out the shows in April too. We really haven’t jumped since that one little jumper show at the end of February (omg…) so it seems a bit unwise. Plus I need to get him a little more fit again. And that whole dressage thing I suppose. Ugh.

no derpssage!

Money is also in short supply, so I’m having to do some creative wrangling of my show schedule but I think we’ll be able to eke out some cheap ones. We’ll try a little show or two in May, to dip our toes back in, start back up with some lessons again, and as of yesterday Henry is back into his regular riding schedule. And after 6 days off, geez was he spooky. Spring Time Henry is weird. He’s sluggish but he’s wild and spooky at the same time.

While I didn’t really plan on skipping basically the best two months of the year for showing Henry (because it starts getting hot in May, and Henry does not do heat), I’m not as upset about it as I would have been a year ago. The pressure is off this year anyway, and the whole extremely scary and honestly kind of traumatizing ordeal with Presto put a lot of things into perspective.

So, the lack of horse show recaps and photos will continue here for at least a few more weeks. Hopefully filling the void with a bunch of Presto pictures is more than enough to make up for the lack of HorseShowHENNY? Plus there’s ROLEX (anyone doing the RK5K?)! We’ll eventually work our way back to where we were in February and then figure out all the show stuff from there. At this point I’m just really glad to have my boys… everything else isn’t nearly as important.

23 thoughts on “On Pause

  1. I’m glad you’re still able to show. And I’m very lucky you don’t have goal fund shown on presto Warrior items, or i’d be all “take my money”. You accept pennies, right?


    1. There will definitely be a reduction in fun Henry things, and I don’t know that we’ll get to more than 2 recognized shows this year, but we won’t have to come to a complete standstill. A lot of my planned purchases for the spring/summer will be on indefinite hold, though. Sorry, holey schooling boots (horse and human).


  2. oh i am so glad you still get to go to Rolex! And you will get back into it soon enough showing Henry. And Presto photos are the cure to all evil so post away!!
    I too am missing the best days mostly due to evil work. I didnt sign up for the first starter trial in April due to signing up for a 5k that same day. There is Fair Hill Starter in May but i am just not sure. Ehh it will all come together one way or another!! 🙂
    Henry must be happy/not happy you are back 🙂 How did Bobby do at his last few shows ( stalk him on Instagram)?


  3. Totes worth it. And who knows, maybe something even more super fantastic will come along or happen to confirm the break is a good thing. And fewer horse shows means more time with Presto! Also, curious, will Sadie be bred again this year?


  4. Here’s what I learned from taking a summer off from showing in order to be pregnant and have a baby (well, I went to ONE show, three months postpartum): You get to put your money into lessons instead, and maybe some new tack (I finally got a custom saddle), and you put your nose down and ride as much as you can and you get even better.

    I need goals in my life to keep me motivated, but I have also found that “teaching to the test” constantly–i.e. always prepping for the next show/tests–is a very narrow, constraining way to ride and train. When I was free from the “gotta get ready for Second Level” grind, I stopped obsessing about certain movements and worked on what we actually needed to work on in that moment. That meant going over and over some of the basics that have haunted us forever and that needed to finally get resolved, and then actually a bunch of stuff that would be considered Third Level or beyond, and then taking way more time for fun rides in the field or on the trails because Clay gets cranky when it’s work, work, work all the time.

    So even though I haven’t been drilling away at the tests I’m going to ride at the shows this summer, I think we will be way more prepared for Second and beyond this year, and we had more fun in the process, and I definitely learned a lot. Taking it easy on shows can be a good thing–don’t sweat it.


  5. It’s a different kind of year: enjoying horses for what they are and competing is a bonus you get to enjoy together as well. Sounds like a nice pace (aside from the whole scary sick foal part) 🙂


  6. Ah yes, spring weirdness. My mare’s “comportment” grade on spring report card for first outdoor quadrille rehearsal…”does not play well with others”…😂


  7. Coincidently, I wrote about the very same issue today – lack of money. :0)

    We bought a new house in October, not quite the same as saving baby Presto’s life, but expensive none-the-less. I’ve had to put my big girl panties on and forego the bigger shows this year. With some creative planning and a change in goals, I’ve worked out a showing/lesson schedule that will allow me to still have some fun and earn some “stuff.”

    Looking forward to hearing how you and Henry spend the summer. :0)


  8. Horsing isn’t all about showing. I re-learn that every few years when things fall apart. You’re right, just having your boys is the most important thing. And Henry is such a pro now a little time off won’t do any damage!


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