Hardcore Stalker

No, this isn’t a post about Bobby, as I’m sure most of you (rightfully) assumed upon reading the title. While he IS definitely a hardcore stalker, that’s not what this post is about. This post is about how I stalk certain horses and their show records/photos, and why. Surely I am not the only creepy one?

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My stalking is mostly relegated to a handful of horses, the majority of which are by Mighty Magic. Two are here in the US, and a few are over in Europe. Yes, my stalking skills are international. Some of you might remember these three horses that we saw when we were on farm tours in Belgium in 2015, the ones that originally made me want to breed to Mighty Magic:

Mighty’s Match

They were all young horses then, just getting started in the eventing game. I’ve tried to follow their careers since it seems like I “know” them a bit and have more personal interest in how they do. They were the motivators to make Presto, after all. Now they’re all out there competing, and Mighty’s Match (who is a few years older than the other two) is a 3* horse.

Mighty’s Match

Granted, it’s not as easy to stalk the European horses. Most of my updates on them come via their owners and riders on facebook (except for Mighty’s Match, he’s a bit easier to stalk since he’s an FEI horse). It’s pretty cool to see them going around now, all “grown up” and everything.

There was another European horse that I used to follow pretty closely after he won the 5yo Bundeschampionate for eventing in Germany in 2015 – Michel 233. Imagine my surprise a couple months ago when Will Faudree announced a new addition to his string, none other than mister Michel 233 himself. This of course makes him much easier and much more fun to follow, especially since Michelle is friends with Will.

photo from Eventing Nation

They’ve already been hitting some 1* events this spring and he’s done quite well so far. Definitely interested to keep watching that pair and see where they go, especially because Michel 233 is out of a Hanoverian dam with a few similar lines to Sadie. Pedigree-wise he’s got a lot in common with Presto.

The other horse that I’ve been watching on this side of the pond is actually not by Mighty Magic. She’s a young mare named West River, by Sadie’s sire Westporte. He’s advertised as a hunter sire but has made some jumpers and eventers too. This mare was fun to watch with Waylon Roberts (she won a big indoor eventing thing in Canada with him, and went through the 2* level) and now she has a new owner. They just won the 1* at Chatt Hills, and at Carolina she finished 12th and Michel 233 finished 5th. I tend to obsessively flip through the galleries on EN, COTH, USEA, and photographer’s websites after the big events, looking for pictures of those two horses.

photo from Eventing Nation

So really, all of my horse stalking is because of pedigree and how they tie back to Presto. Because what else is there to do in the first 4 years of a horses life while they’re growing up and turning into show horses themselves besides dream about what they might become?

Anybody else have particular horses that they stalk? What are your reasons?

20 thoughts on “Hardcore Stalker

  1. My stalking days mostly ended when USEF/USE/whatever they are now put everything behind the paywall 😥

    I have a list of horses I like to check in from time to time, bc I like their bloodlines. I also used to use the horse search to find other horses by sires I’m interested in. But no more!


    1. I have a fan membership so that I can still look up show records (plus you can watch the little training videos and stuff that USEF puts up). Worth it for $25 a year!


      1. That’s what I’ll end up doing once I start horse shopping. Meanwhile the shows I actually want to watch are usually on CoTH or EqSportsNet, but they might woo me in with the Rolex broadcast…


        1. I was talking about the training tips videos that they have with some pro riders, not the live show broadcasts. There are actually a few cool things you can access with the $25 fan membership!


  2. As you know I don’t event, but I tend to stalk the horses – and riders – I see at Jersey Fresh, just because it’s like seeing a celebrity up-close and in person and I feel like I “know them”. I mostly follow show jumpers like Cylana (former Kessler ride), Davendy S (Springsteen), and Cortes C (Madden, obviously), Super Sox (Keenan), as well as some of the younger up-and-coming horse/rider show jumping pairs. With so many big-name horses being retired this year, I think it’s neat to watch the younger pairs as the future of the sport.


  3. You make me want to breed a Mighty Magic baby! But I’m sure I don’t have the funds nor rider talent/connections or mare to cross with him.

    I love stalking horse relations, sport horses are so much harder to keep track of than TBs – I admire how well you can keep finding out so much about them. I’ve tried to stalk Kika’s relations before but keep hitting dead ends 😦


  4. When I saw the title I totally thought it was going to be talking more about your video stalking of Presto! haha

    I don’t stalk any high level horses or riders, but I do like to review results for more local shows and see how people who I have competed against in the past are doing.


  5. I stalked a few California bred thoroughbreds through their racing career but overall I haven’t really kept a super close tab on the horses/bloodlines I like because they’re in Spain/Portugal and their careers end up in bullfighting.

    I do follow Pedro Torres (not a horse) and I enjoy stalking Endo the Blind as well.


  6. I don’t really do much stalking. I do like to stalk some human show records when they start bragging about all their showing and how high they jump, just to see if it’s true. Usually it’s not.


  7. see this is awesome. i don’t really feel super connected yet to any “big” horses out there, as i only started eventing in the last couple years and am still even just trying to keep up with the big riders and trainers in my area. so my universe is still kinda small. but growing. always growing. bc yea. the creepster lifestyle. i kinda dig it.


  8. I follow Nayel Nassar’s stallion Lordan. He is by Lordanos out of a Landor S mare. My 9 year old gelding is by Landor S and my 4 year old gelding is out of a Lordanos mare, so Lordan is related to both of my boys!


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