Best Weekend All Year

I know Rolex bills itself as #bestweekendallyear, but for real they ain’t lying. I have so much to cover (boy, it was action packed) and a ton of media, so I’m gonna have to break it up into a couple posts. Plus I’m currently sitting in the back of an Uber on the way to the airport, and posting from a phone is annoying, therefore I can’t do this all at once. But alas – here’s a Friday recap!

Sonny loves me

I left off last week with our arrival on Thursday. Our camping spot was ridiculously amazing (for real like 100′ from the front gates) as was the RV rental that Hillary found on RV Share. 110% the best way to Rolex. We had a few too many ciders at the taco party on Thursday night, so we were able to sleep in a little on Friday and still have plenty of time to hit up the trade fair.

Things I wanted but did not buy
Found the Boy O Boy at Awesome Artifacts!
Always have to stop at Mango Bay to see what Pam’s got!
Majyk Equipe! Always one of my most favorite, they’re such nice people.
Horse crap as far as the eye can see in both directions

I know several other bloggers got a ton of stuff, but I’ll have to disappoint you right off the bat. My spending money was slim and I didn’t find much that I wanted anyway (aside from the $5700 CWD, of course), so I mostly just got a few shirts and some gifts. Apparently I cannot resist anything that is billed as a fundraising effort for an OTTB organization. 

Behold hat
After the trade fair we dumped our stuff in the RV (so convenient) and headed down to stalk Michael Jung. We opted not to get seats for dressage because I can’t sit there and watch the sandbox for a long enough period of time to make the purchase price worthwhile. Instead we sat by warmup and watched him get ready, which was way more interesting to me anyway. We were able to get right up close and see exactly what he does to prepare. 

Hey there Roxy

When he went in we just pulled up the live feed on Hillary’s phone and watched his test from our hillside.

Sonny helped

Then we headed up to pick up our packets for the RK5K. Hillary might never forgive me for this but somehow I totally tricked her into running it with me. And although she is not a runner, she certainly is not a quitter either, because she dug in and got it done like a champ. Granted, I’m pretty sure she wanted to punch me for at least 60% of it, but we finished it together and hey… we got cool shirts and a few good stories out of it. There are certainly worse places to run than KHP!

What happens when you try to take a pic while running…

Our total mileage on Friday between all the walking and the 5k was over 9 miles. We earned our pizza and early bedtime, especially since the next day was XC…

12 thoughts on “Best Weekend All Year

  1. Camping out in an RV looked like an awesome way to get the full experience! And I’m gonna have to agree on the #bestweekendallyear (although my bank account might not? lol)


      1. Haha at least I have the (semi) excuse that I was shopping for other people as well, so not everything I bought was for myself! Although I still indulged WAYYYY too much 😂 thank God I sold a ton of photos the week before Rolex, or I’d be eating a lot of ramen noodles this month!


  2. I found a super fun shirt, texted it to the hubby with “I NEED” and he said get it. Then I tried it with the 4Star 2+1 and the margarita jump and they didn’t work quite as well…


  3. Ah man this brings me back! I loved watching the warm ups – actually especially the pre rides folks did on stadium day were particularly fascinating


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