Rolex XC day: Restraining Order

Saturday in Lexington dawned warm and humid. It had rained a bit overnight (not gonna lie, I was a bit smug in my bed in the RV as a thunderstorm rolled through at 3am and threatened to blow away all the tents. Probably because I’m usually the person in the tent.) although it was really just enough to make the footing pretty perfect yet the air so thick as to be almost unbreathable. I was wondering how those foreign and Canadian horses would handle it, and the thicker ones with less TB.

Spoiler alert: Super Socks handled it just fine, even missing both front shoes

Hillary and I trudged out of the RV (and trust me, after our 9 mile day on Friday, it was trudging) about an hour before XC started and decided to head down to the ditch brush. In that field you could see 3 fences plus the big screen, so it seemed like the ideal place to park ourselves. Because, ya know… neither of us really felt like wandering around a whole lot.

yeah sure, seems like a totally reasonable way to jump that…

I have to say though, I was quite happy with our jump choice. The ditch brush always makes for great pictures, and we were able stake our claim right at the ropes. It really could not have been a better view, plus we didn’t have to deal with insane crowds.

Around 10:45 we headed up to the trade show to the Dubarry tent, because there was supposed to be a blogger meetup there at 11. We got there a few minutes early and waited… and waited… and kept checking our phones to see if the time or place had changed. At 11:10 we were irritated and gave up, and wandered over to the trade fair to talk to a couple of vendors. Turns out our timing was super fortuitous, because about 30 seconds after we got into the building, the skies totally opened up and it poured buckets for a few minutes. We just stood in front of the big screen in the trade fair and watched everyone else get wet, then once the rain was done we went back out and parked ourselves in front of the ditch wall again to wait for MJ to come through.

he did not disappoint

We did manage to meet up with most of the other bloggers briefly after cross country was over, and as we were standing there talking to everyone, I pulled up my Instagram and saw this.

I am not one to get excited about the “celebrity” aspect of riders, and I definitely would not typically stand in line to meet any of them… BUT…

Bobby is obsessed with Maxime Livio. Like, he kept asking me all weekend to go find him and take pictures of him. I am not that dedicated to being creepy, but if I know where Maxime is going to be and when, maaaaaybe I can creep a little bit on Bobby’s behalf.

As soon as he said “Make him write I LOVE YOU BOBBY” I saw this as a challenge, and what else can I say but CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

So off Hillary and I marched back up to the trade fair to stand in line for Maxime Livio with what was, for the most part, a bunch of of 13-16yo girls. Also, it was balls-hot up there, and I had sweat rolling down my back while we stood there for half an hour and waited for him to show up. But we finally worked our way up to the front, and I said to Maxime “Hey this is going to sound really weird but my friend is obsessed with you, can you write ‘I love you Bobby’?”. He kind of grinned and said “Sure!” and asked how to spell Bobby. I said “Oh just like the regular guy’s way, B – O – B – B – Y”. He raised an eyebrow but wrote it anyway. Tim Price was sitting there with him and Hillary says “Yeah Bobby is a 40yo man” and Tim says “4? Well that’s way better than 14, 14 would be a bit weird.”, to which Hillary says “No, FOR-TY.”. This seemed to really tickle Tim, because he snickered then reached over and put three little x’s behind where Maxime had written “I ❤ you, Bobby.”. I have to give Maxime credit here, he did not skip a beat.

Creepy photo to go with creepy signing

I really hope that Tim Price went back to the barns and told everyone about how Maxime wrote I LOVE YOU for a 40yo man named Bobby. I’m sure after the gaggle of women falling all over themselves for Maxime all weekend, surely this was a nice change of pace? Either way, now he knows he has a stalker and that his friends are equally as creepy.

Plus now Bobby owes me forever and ever.

40 thoughts on “Rolex XC day: Restraining Order

  1. this made me chuckle at my desk. oh thank god, you guys really do it right.

    so bobby sleeps with the poster, right? why dont they have eventer fatheads I would have one of ingrid klimke in every phase and bid ‘gute nachte’ to her each night.


      1. I totally wanna go too!! I want the camper experience – that’s cool!! Was it already there and set up?


  2. man i love that ditch brush… so epic! tho i’m impressed y’all were able to resist checking out all the combinations to see them ridden. i wanted to basically be everywhere at once last year haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We could see the corner combo from where we were standing, and the rest of them on the big screen. It was truly the ideal place to stand if you’re hot as balls and don’t want to walk around all day.


  3. Y’all got some sick media over that fence! I like that Tim and Maxime went along with the absurdities – that Tim added the xxx makes it all the better.


  4. Jeez us. They are hitting that fence at speed. I can’t even gallop a 3′ stadium course… And to think I used to want to be a steeplechase jockey 😂😭


    1. We kept saying it takes a special kind of crazy to gallop down to shit like that. Like I’m fairly certain there’s a gene for insanity hiding somewhere in all these people.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Hey the FB group was updated that the blogger meetup changed to head of the lake after XC! Service was bad though so maybe it didn’t come through? Didn’t want you guys to think you were ditched or anything. I am blaming KHP phone service overload!


    1. We kept pulling up the event invite to see if it had been changed but didn’t see anything posted from Aimee til about 11:30. We’d already given up by then! I know some people had issues with service even though I never did, so maybe it got stuck in limbo and didn’t post until later or something.


  6. While the Bobby/Maxime story is hilarious to no end, and I am glad you accepted the challenge and Tim Price UPPED the ante…the rider (#56 maybe?) in that video must have thought she was going to DIE at the ditch since she had the balls to take her hand off the reins and go to crop behind the leg. I would have just intentionally bought the farm at that point and saved myself, and let Jesus take the reins and the horse do whatever the hell it wanted.


  7. This is the best story ever. Bobby definitely owes you for that one.

    Also that ditch and brush or whatever it’s called… THAT is why I will stick to my sandbox and jumps that fall down.
    Such a great experience, totally wish I had been there!


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