A Proper Thank You

I know I’ve said this a few times already, but I continue to be completely blown away by all the support Presto and I have gotten both during his illness and afterwards. The fact that he had (has!) so many people rooting for him, people who have never even met me or him before… it’s meant more than words can ever properly convey. We decided that we’d really like to send something out to all of his supporters and give them a proper thank you.

the Riding Warehouse team in their Presto shirts

I’m not sure how obvious it was while everything was going on but that was the hardest couple weeks of my life, ever. I tried to spare y’all the worst of the details and remain as positive as I could, but I still don’t have it in me to go back and read any of those posts so I’m not sure how successful I was. All I can say is that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. Every moment felt like it was laced with sheer terror, just hoping that against all odds he could hang in there for one more day, just one more day at a time.

Presto seems to be completely over it, physically and mentally, but I’m not sure that my mental and emotional scars will ever fade. I’m still a bit traumatized about the whole thing. The nightmares have pretty much stopped but I don’t think that nagging worry in the pit of my stomach will ever go away. I worry that we got too lucky. Like he overcame such staggeringly impossible odds that someday, somehow, we’ll have to pay up. I don’t think I will ever forget how I felt, kneeling there in the west Texas dirt, watching my very sick foal fight for his life and feeling completely and utterly helpless to save him. And although I never in a million years want to go through anything even remotely like that again, it was worth it in the end.


But what really helped me (both of us really, if you believe in the power of positive thinking, which I do) see it through to the other side was you guys. Everyone who called, emailed, texted, messaged, left a comment, chipped in toward his vet bill, sent him good thoughts, prayed for him (to the deity of your choice, naturally), checked in on him every day, or bought a shirt – it made all the difference in the world to us. I’m not sure I could have survived it without my fellow horse friends to lean on, and I don’t think he could have either.

so much support for my nugget, all over the world

Presto and I worked on a little something fun (and oh so top secret) this weekend and we want to send one to everyone who has supported us during all this. Unfortunately there is no way for me to go back through all the comments and messages and shirt orders to track people down individually and get names and information, BUT – if you would like a small token of thanks from me and Presto, please please please send me your name and address. You can contact me on facebook messenger, DM me on Instagram, or email me through the contact page here. We have lots of them lined up and ready to go, so please don’t hesitate to claim one! I’d really like to make sure that all of his supporters get a proper thank you, with something tangible, from both of us.

28 thoughts on “A Proper Thank You

  1. I might (JUST might) have gotten a tear in my eye (or maybe it is allergies) reading this blog post. I can remember the terror in your texts at midnight my time on St Patrick Day weekend. I get chills (not the good kind) just typing that!!
    I get the GOOD chills thinking about him doing so well. I am so glad that it seems to not have fazed him. And I think only good things are happening for you guys. But I know the feeling of waiting for the shoe to drop.

    Can’t wait to meet Presto in real life. He is one in a million and you deserve to enjoy him!!


  2. I am so glad he pulled through! I cannot imagine the kind of stress you were going through. He is a fighter!


  3. I can’t imagine how awful all of that was. Even with everything going “without a hitch” here with Joey, I’m paranoid af that I’ve been too lucky or that I should be worried about something. Presto is a heck of a fighter, and a lesser baby wouldn’t have survived that. I think it says big things about where he’ll go in life!

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  4. I will admit that at first, I really thought that there was no way he could make it. I have first hand experience with clostridium in monkeys and it’s almost always a death sentence. I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

    Is it weird that I secretly hope your thank gifts are Presto poop nuggets? Maybe bronzed and in jewelry form? I’m such a weirdo.

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  5. I only got a small taste of my-horse-might-die-at-any-moment and It was enough for me to still wake up with nightmares 10 years later. I can’t even imagine the magnitude of what you went through. I’m so, so, so glad everything worked out for you, and I can’t wait to see him out on course!


  6. So so thankful that Presto pulled through. He’s such a special nugget and my thoughts and heart were with him every second of his fight. I can’t imagine how dark that time was for you, but I hope you felt the support and love of everyone surround your little man. 💖 Being a broke college student meant I couldn’t donate, but I hope the good jingles helped!


  7. Reading this made me tear up.
    It is so nice that you want to give something back.
    I am so curious what it is since I won’t ask for one (I only bought the tee, there were others who helped more)..
    Plus, seeing your updates on Presto are all I need. It makes me ridiculously happy to see him growing like a weed and hear that he is still curious.
    And who could resist those floppy ears??


    1. Even if you don’t want to ask for one, I still want to give you one. 😉 So if you feel like it, please shoot me your address. It makes me happy (and honestly is literally the very least I could do) to be able to give everyone a proper thank you.


  8. I don’t think you need to send anything as thanks. It was obvious in your posts how thankful you were but I understand the desire to give back. 🙂
    Honestly, I prayed for you and Presto. I saw way too many babies lose to much less this season and I was afraid for you of what the next post might bring. But Presto pulled through.
    I’ll never believe that you have to pay back good fortune and I hope you don’t spend too much time stressing over that. The other shoe will not drop!
    I’m just glad that everyone ended up happy and healthy.


  9. I love how the community came around you both!! I’ll admit i stalked your posts and was thinking about him all the time… praying for a miracle and I love that he pulled through!!!

    So happy for you both snd can’t wait to see his bad ass ness as he grows!!!


  10. I came to your blog, and Presto’s story, just as he was tried with mild separation from Sadie. Of course I back-read his story. I thought of you and your foal so much! And Celebrated each positive gain. I love seeing the updates of him happy and healthy. Fwiw, I’ve had nightmares about my horse since the day I bought him as a 3 yo. One – tied to a trailer and he pulled the trailer over on himself (has never happened), and regular dreams that he has cancer or something. Paranoia isn’t reserved for those experiencing real trauma! Though you certainly have more legit reason to it!


  11. I don’t think you ever fully get over that stuff. I still assume Rio’s dying every time he’s even a little not himself. And he was an old man when he went through his drama! (Though to be fair, he IS pretty old…) I can’t imagine what it was like with a baby. I’m proud of both of you for getting through that. Hopefully it’s nothing but great things from here on out for you all. ❤


  12. I’m so happy to follow the Presto updates here and on fb, insta. He’s such a nugget! What a journey you have been on and I can’t wait to continue to follow it! 🙂


  13. No thanks necessary, Amanda, the fact that he pulled through and that maybe *maybe* we had a tiny hand in that with all the good vibes coming his way is thanks enough! But I *am* curious what little goodie you cooked up, because you are after all the queen of goodies. 😉 Every time I see Presto’s fizzy little nuggetface I get a huge smile on my face! Can’t tell you what a relief it is that he is thriving, and it’ll be such a pleasure to watch him grow via your blog. I really appreciate this space you’ve created, and all your thoughtful and kind readers who lift each other up and have useful and insightful comments on the topics you bring up. It’s like all the good things about the horse community without any of the petty crap or unsavory parts (I’m sure I don’t have to elaborate there–we all know that horse people be cray.) 😉


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