I just love this kid


Those who were interested in custom sunshirts from It’s a Haggerty’s with the Presto logo – can you please email me (through the contact page here on the blog) or shoot me a message on facebook? I have all the names of those who said they were interested last week but I don’t have contact info for most of you. Solid sunshirts are $55, shirts with patterned cuffs and collar are $60. Embroidery is normally $15 but if we have at least 4, the logo embroidery is free. If we have 10+ there is an additional $5 discount off of each shirt. They can customize the shirt and logo to whatever colors you want!  


I mean, how could you NOT love a wee baby horse with an ear fuzz game THIS strong?


Since Sadie checked in foal last week, Michelle went and picked them up on Friday. Of course, it’s already pretty hot here and Presto’s medication makes him prone to overheating, so she wanted to trailer them at night when it was coolest. I swear that woman lives on an unhealthy amount of Red Bull, but I love her for it and I’m sure Presto appreciated it too. She always puts the horses needs ahead of her own. Although I did hear that he was not so happy with having alcohol sponged on him when she stopped for gas… he says sorry Auntie Michelle.


But he made it home safe and sound and happy, and was greeted with an unseasonably cool morning in Midland. He got to stay out for a little while, run around, terrorize Sadie a little bit, and get reacquainted with his BFF Liam.


Even with running and playing and being a general menace, his temperature was still 101.5, so that’s perfect. We still have to be really careful with him obviously, and he can’t stay out in the hot afternoons, but with the sprinklers going (yes, they’re on the receiving end of sprinklers… constant watering is pretty much the only way Michelle can get grass in Midland) he can hopefully at least stay out until mid-morning and only have to be inside in the afternoons.

great, he inherited his mother’s desire to sit on things

It also appears that the meds are working (knock on wood) because he’s breathing much more normally and doesn’t have that constant gross nasal discharge anymore. He literally sounded like Darth Vader when this first came on, not to mention the steady drip of snot. Hopefully he continues to trend upward and the meds keep doing their thing in his lungs.

The fros on these two

Aside from a couple of minor tantrums he’s still a pretty easy dude to deal with. Most of his objections come when you spring something new on him without warning or when he doesn’t understand, which is fair. I hear that he’s become such a pro now at oral syringes and sponge baths that he doesn’t even have to be haltered for it anymore. I continue to be amazed that he’s retained such a good, easy-going temperament despite being a living breathing pincushion for basically his entire life. It sure does make me happy to see him enjoying himself back home though. ❤️

they change so much from one week to the next

I’m working on figuring out a plan to bring him home after he’s weaned. I had originally planned on leaving him there for a while but a) I think Michelle has already lost quite enough sleep and probably several years off of her life because of my horse b) I’m pretty damn attached to him and want him closer to me so I can see him regularly. I’m not even gonna lie, all this stuff that’s happened with him has turned me into a major helicopter parent. I’d love to pasture board him at my barn because there’s a pond and a creek and a big hill out there that I think are perfect for a baby to grow up on, but it’s not cheap. Time to start playing around with my budget and some other possible boarding options to see if I can make something work. Then he can give me that epic side eye in person all the time!

22 thoughts on “I just love this kid

  1. I am very glad to hear he is doing better.
    And I can totally understand the desire to have him near once weaned but: isn´t it important for babies to grow up in a herd with same aged horses and at least one older mare/gelding to keep them in order and help them learn being good horsey citizens? I thought that was the best way to sozialize them after weaning….
    Though Henny would teach him lots of interesting things, I bet…


  2. Knowing where you board now (I promise, I’m NOT a stalker, but I live in the area and have been to your facility for something your BO put on), the place I board might be too far to drive….but…I pay $150 for the first horse and $50 for each additional horse, $100/round bale and $50/horse to be grained out in Cedar Creek. There’s 1 large arena that’s lit, a smaller arena and a “bucking arena”, round pen, free trailer parking and 12 miles of trails. Not sure if that would help your budget. No pasture board, but very large paddocks with shelters. There’s a H/J out here who leaves her jumps at the barn that people use. It’s kind of redneck….but everyone’s super friendly. We used to have free access to the barn if we needed it, but there’s a trainer on site now, so not exactly sure how that works or if we have stall access anymore.

    Thought I’d toss that out there.

    Okay, okay…so I KINDA wanna see Presto grow up too. 🙂


    1. Actually….I have a friend who lives LITERALLY 2 minutes away from your place who has mentioned she’d like to perhaps get in a boarder or two who aren’t insane. She DOES have a very large and nice barn on the front of her property that her husband built when she had Gypsies, but she doesn’t use. I could talk to her as well…and she lives on site. Just another option.


      1. I would possibly be interested in that. I need something that is either really close/convenient to me so I can be out there a lot, or I need someone extremely trustworthy to keep a close and careful eye on him. I mean… preferably both, but at least one or the other. 😉


  3. I can’t imagine not being able to lay hands on Joey daily, so I totally get your desire to have him closer. Hopefully you’ll get something figured out to keep him nearby. What age are you planning on weaning him?


    1. The sBs inspection isn’t until the end of September and it’s MUCH less of a circus to show the babies with their dams. They’ll probably be weaned right after that, which is just over 6 months.


  4. i still think your spare room works for Presto 🙂 I Hope you figure it out so NEXT TIME I get to meet him without driving 4 plus hours!! HA….
    oh and you know i want a shirt. Do you need me to email you?

    And i wish I still lived in Texas and had my farm! LOL


  5. Glad he’s doing better! When do you plan to wean him? I was going to hold out on 6 months before permanently separating my pair because my knowledge of weaning is basically whatever I read on the net and there’s so many conflicting opinions.
    It will be nice to have him closer though to moosh that face more!!


    1. We’re waiting until after the sBs inspection at the end of September, so it’ll be just over 6 months when he’s weaned. Usually I’ve always done/seen 5-6 months. It’s just much easier to present the babies when they’re still on their dams.


  6. Selfishly, I’m excited for you to bring Presto home cause that means MORE BABY PICTURES!!! Seriously though, glad he’s starting to feel better. He really looks great!


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