Dog Days of Summer

Literally dog days…

things that actually happen

For real though, it’s HOT. May was relatively mild, as far as Texas goes. Like, it was definitely hot but you could still breathe, for the most part. We got incredibly lucky the weekend of the show, it was only 90 and there was a breeze. For June that’s about as good as you can possibly hope for. But I think that was our last hurrah for good weather because this past weekend was like living in an oven.

And with that, I’m officially switching to early morning rides.

Saturday I was in the saddle by 7am and it was downright pleasant, all things considered. Low 80’s, decent breeze. I actually had a pretty good dressage ride, and, GET THIS: Henry’s very first ride where I’ve been able to go start to finish with spurs AND a dressage whip. Every once in a while I carry a whip but inevitably have to drop it at some point when he starts worrying and turns into a ball of tension (because obviously he’s beaten with dressage whips on a regular basis?). I never even thought about actually touching him with the whip but it worked great to get him forward in front of my leg. We’ll find out this week if that was a fluke. Odds are 50/50.

Sunday we were out there early again, and I popped him through a little gymnastic. He was unimpressed with that idea.

It was even hotter up in west Texas where Presto was; they hit 110 on Saturday. Turnout time is becoming shorter and shorter as it becomes just way too unbearably hot for the babies to stay outside.

This is about the time of year where we start scaling things back… our “off season”, if you will. Most people have a winter break, we have the opposite. I’m switching my work schedule around so that I can ride at dawn, and since we have no shows on the docket until September, we’ll be focusing mostly on flatwork for a while.

I sure wouldn’t mind a little rain though, my fields are getting hard. Granted, we may or may not get rain for the next few months, so we might end up having to ride in the arena more.


The one perk of spending more time hiding inside in the AC is that I’m finally getting to go through all of my stuff and get things cleaned up/cleaned out/ready to rehome. Which I did a lot of on Saturday. Which means you know what’s coming tomorrow.

16 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer

  1. We´re supposed to get 100 F on thursday. We´re at around 90 F now and I am feeling it. My head feels ready to burst..
    Germany is really not built for these temps. My office has no AC, my home doesn´t. and if I am especially lucky, the train back home will not have AC either.
    It is so much fun…..
    But yay for a successful dressage ride!


  2. I’m a few hours north of you and woke up to RAIN glorious RAIN! We got nearly an inch. I hope you are blessed with this coolness and measurable precipitation. It also looks like the temps for the rest of this week will top out in the high 90s, which is delightful for Texas. And more rain is forecast over the weekend. 🙂

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    1. y’all have managed to get all the rain lately, everything has missed us for the past few weeks! There was a decent chance this week for us but every time I check it keeps going down. 😦

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  3. ooh my favorite part of you purging is me collecting. LOL 🙂 and yikes that is hot. It was hot as balls yesterday cc schooling here but it was mostly the humidity. Glad Henry is behaving and glad Quinn got to cool off in the pool. That dog has a serious entitlement vibe 🙂


  4. Don’t miss that at all. I pretty much woke up one morning this spring, it was already 100 in SC and said NOPE, no more. And promptly moved north. Let’s see how I feel about it in February…
    LOVE Quinn in the pool. I bought my JRT/Corgi his own kiddie pool this weekend. Best $10 ever.

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  5. It’s been soul melting hot here in CA lately too…like 109. FML So I’ve been doing the same thing and riding at the crack of dawn. Though I was out there this morning at 6am and it was already 78!!! Double FML


  6. We’ve had the opposite forecast pattern — is actually 108, feels like 103 — to which I say thanks a lot, the weather, for feeling like a slightly slower death in a hot oven. We’re supposed to get four or five more days of this and then return to normal, tolerable summer temps (just 98 or so, nothing MAJOR). I’m terrified for what the rest of summer will bring.


      1. I just moved to College Station from north Texas and I feel like I am soaked with sweat the second I walk out my door. The humidity is soul crushing.

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      2. it was gorgeous this a.m. at the farm where i am housesitting, low 70s etc but the humidity was 100 percent so felt like mud outdoors. Now it has gone up to 80 the humidity is about 40 percent and feels almost COLD. Weather what an odd thing. I will take it though. Course it is going to be 90 chance of storms and high humidity this weekend. OF COURSE.


  7. Oh man, that is HOT. I would choose early mornings too. Up here it’s been cold. We had a few days of 95+ with 100% humidity, and then it promptly dropped to 50. Felt like it might snow… Where’s that nice low 80’s weather New England is famous for?


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