Barn Dog Apparel Giveaway!

I love t-shirts. Like, a lot. Especially if they’re horse related and witty. Make a shirt that causes me to smile and I’ll buy it, guaranteed (as evidenced by the abundance of them in my closet). There’s no such thing as too many t-shirts, right?

So when I got a text message like this:


Well… I had to have it.

And yes that text is from my Trainer. She’s a smartass. I mean… she’s 100% correct in her assessment, but still: smartass. Either way, I’ll be wearing this shirt for basically every jump lesson forever. It’s like a built in pre-warning.


Turns out it’s made by a new company called Barn Dog Apparel, and they have more than one cute design. While I was perusing their shop I also had to grab the 24/365 shirt, because nothing is more true than that.


Barn Dog is set up through Teespring, which I have a little bit of experience with from the Presto shirt campaign. The shirts are basically printed in batches and shipped as they’re printed, so I got one of mine a day before the other, about a week after I ordered. The “Distance” one is the women’s V neck, which I like the fit of. I got the medium and I would say it’s pretty true to women’s sizing – not super tight like the shirts that seem to come in more of a juniors sizing, but still fitted.

The 24/365 is the “premium tee” which is a fitted crew neck. Again I’d say it’s pretty true to women’s sizing (also got a M in this one and it fits about the same… and through some googling I did find a handy sizing guide with pictures!), and the material is a bit thicker than the V neck. I wore this one to work one day and a couple people got a good chuckle over it. The SO mostly just went “isn’t THAT the truth” and gave me the patented Crazy Horse Girl eyeroll that I’ve seen a few thousand times by now.

Image result for horse girl meme

I’m about to go back and order a few more things in sticker form, because I’m always open to more stickers on my tack trunk, and there are a few in particular that are applicable to me.



Or applicable to Henry. Ahem.


Honestly I wish this one said mimosas. Or cupcakes. I’m just not a coffee drinker, but it’s cute.


I am told that they have more breed-specific horse and dog shirts on the way too!

BDA agreed to do a giveaway hosted here on the blog, so someone out there will win a free shirt in the design, color, and style of their choice! There are four different ways to enter (leave a comment here saying what your favorite design is, visit BDA on facebook, follow them on Insta, or repost about this giveaway on your own blog/social media – MAKE SURE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ENTRIES THROUGH THE BELOW RAFFLECOPTER LINK OR THEY WILL NOT BE COUNTED) and you can do as many or as few as you like, so feel free to stack the odds in your favor. Sorry, you have to actually click the link below to enter because WordPress hates Javascript and I’m tired of fighting it, so that’s just the way it is.

Barn Dog Apparel giveaway entry form

For those who don’t want to chance it with a giveaway, they’ve also offered a 10% coupon code, which is automatically applied to your cart if you follow this link! Happy shopping (and good luck)!

51 thoughts on “Barn Dog Apparel Giveaway!

  1. oh please let me know when you order your stickers, i tried to get the distance one in a sticker and the Eventing medication (2 of them) for friends and they didn’t get enough orders i guess so they were cancelled.
    My tshirt is shipping and in fact should be here if not today then early next week. I got the Inspirational Quotes one. That made me laugh hard.


    1. me too which is why i bought it 🙂 The thing is it is hard to choose. there are some great ones (Thank goodness i dont own a mare (or a Henry who acts like a mare) so those are easy to cross off.
      Great gift ideas though for sure!! Love it. I still want the Distant one as a sticker to put on my trailer. cause i live it…every damn day….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Totally. I’m riding a horse called Duke this summer and he looooooves the long spot. Loves. It. So that’s fun, because if I don’t see the distance and ride to it, we’re taking a flyer. I think my trainer is going to have a heart attack.


  2. I like the Brain one, since mine is definitely set for life in “horse” mode… 😉 I would order it in the V-neck style, though, since I have too few of those and it looks super-cute!


  3. Not getting great distances is what keeps me (mentally) from jumping bigger fences, so I’d choose that tank in coral.


  4. Wish I had an ounce of self control, cause I could have used that 10% off after you posted your shirt on insta the other day. I went ahead and ordered it in a T and a tank top… Seriously, zero self control. Thanks so much for the fun giveaway opportunity!
    Should I win this giveaway, I would probably go for the coffee one.


  5. Amazing designs! I love these 🙂 My favorite is the Distance one though. I cracked up when I saw it online. I’m psyched you said stickers though, I never would have thought to look for them. I need a few of these for my trunk.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I don’t really know what the minimums are for stickers to get printed, but it’s worth a shot! I might order a few and give some as gifts (and I hope it meets the minimum in the process).


  6. I love the distance shirt, but I don’t currently jump, so I’ll probably hold off on that one. I do like the tell a gelding, ask a mare shirt, as well as the coffee one


  7. I’m dying, these are hilarious!! My favorite would totally have to be the coffee one, anyone who knows me knows that I always have an iced coffee in one hand. It’s the key to happiness, and also the key to me not murdering everyone within a 100 ft radius of me if it’s earlier than 11am.


  8. The distance shirt is my eternal struggle. Also, love the corgi one, would be so happy if they created a great dane or mastiff one similar to that *hint hint* 😉


  9. They ship to NZ! Hurrah! +1 on wearing the distance tee to lessons. Sadly in my case the words are not satire, but truth. At least the instructor might be able to adjust their expectations accordingly as I come in the gate.


  10. I can’t lie, I LOVE the distance shirt… but also that last one is written about me. HOW TO CHOOSE?!


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