It was 106 and 107 this past weekend in Austin. Like, degrees. In the shade. We’ve already had 20+ days over 100 this year, making this a pretty miserable summer. Granted, this is Texas… miserable summers are it’s specialty. It feels like sticking your face in an oven, if you’re into that sort of thing.

that pre-dawn barn door vista is pretty, though

I’ve been riding at the buttcrack of dawn, so I’m rarely out in the heat of the day anymore. Of course, my morning rides, while significantly cooler at more like 78ish degrees, are usually between 90-98% humidity. Moisture, I has it in spades. I slosh my way into work every morning, put all my stuff down at my desk, and head straight to the shower. It’s just gross. Still better than riding when it’s 100+ though, at least according to Henry the heavy breather.


Who, I’ve noticed over the past couple weeks, always seems to have a harder time breathing when the pollen count is high. Coincidentally, so do I. Austin is not a good place to live if your body has any kind of objections to pollen, or mold, or cedar, or pretty much anything that can possibly be considered an airborne allergen. This place is a Petri dish. And not just because of all the hipsters. Can anyone tell I’m really itching to be done with Texas?

But this week we’re having a “cold front”, if you can call it that. Our highs are now only in the 90’s, and the humidity is lower. Yesterday morning it was only 75 with 70% humidity, and this morning was 75 with 75% humidity. Sadly, that felt completely amazing. Henry has even been a bit wild, and spent this morning spooking at a rock, some poop, a hay bale, a fan, and a horse. For the record, he did not spook at the rabbit, the cat, or the coyote. I don’t understand Henny logic.

No logic, only derp.

The high tomorrow is only 90, and then there are some rain chances in the forecast (omg sky moisture, I hear that’s a thing!) later in the week. Even though I know the triple digits will be back soon, this was a pretty nice mid-summer break.

Thank goodness, too, because today is opening day for our first horse trial of the fall! I was finding it really hard to be motivated to enter when I could barely peel myself out of my seat to walk out to the mailbox. Things are filled out now, though… which means it’ll probably shoot right back up into the 100’s and stay there until October, because Texas hates me back.

22 thoughts on “Melting

  1. sorry but it was 62 degrees on Sat here.. in the a.m. 🙂 Humidity has gone too (IT will be back it is AUGUST) but yeah no Texas here…but then you will be rubbing it in February. So shut up. 🙂 Hope it does stay cooler for you cause yeah i would NOT be able to get excited about showng in that heat…

    PS I of course thought of this when i saw your title..

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      1. it will be hot as hades here again soon enough. It was hotter here than it was in Orlando when i was there the other week. BUT Yeah once in awhile i can open my windows up.

        I am looking forward to being a bit chilly at nite in Maine! LOL

        And flip away 🙂 you love me…LOL


  2. Oh girl. Your summer lows are our summer highs. Don’t hate me…. 😀 Just check back in in Jan when I am SO over -25F. You win some you lose some.


      1. Yeah, that’s what the owner of my barn (an eventer) does. She events all summer up here and then goes to FL for the winters and lessons with famous trainers in Ocala. Sigh. That is just not my reality and probably never will be. For the most part I am ok with toughing out the winters up here. There’s maybe a week or two in the deepest depths of January when I get a leeeeeetle ornery, but hey, we don’t have poisonous spiders and snakes and all the other delightful junk that comes with warmer climates so I try to look on the bright side and just add another layer of long-johns. 😛


  3. If it helps, my family is mostly in Eastern Montana and Western North Dakota and it has been MUCH hotter there than in Fort Worth. Granted it cools off a lot more at night, but they had mostly 100 degree days in July. Oh, and there is a fire raging that has burned about 300,000 acres and killed plenty of cattle, horses, and wildlife.


  4. I love the heat, but that sounds oppressive even to me. Pollen is terrible here in New England too though. If you’re thinking of trying an allergy supplement for Henny, Romey has responded well to the Platinum Performance allergy supplement. I figured I could take him off in the winter, but once I did he was coughing all the time. So I guess it actually does do something. Humidity we have a-plenty too, often in the 90% range, but at least the temps aren’t as high. Rarely above 90, though we’ve had a lot of low 90’s this summer.
    Hope the weather decides to stay mild (?) (ish?) for you guys.


  5. I think I’d die. Seriously. I don’t think I could handle it. I was lovely in PA/DE the last couple of days and somehow the high was 72 on Saturday (and rainy). It’s 86 and sunny today but the heat index is back towards the 90s again. I want low 80s as my highs! And no humidity!


  6. Off topic… but do you still like your Lorenzini’s? I remember you did a review way back when and noted the paint chipping, but was wondering how they’ve held up since and if you think they’re still worth it? A “Follow Up About All The Things” post would be pretty neat if you ever felt like it!


  7. Also in Austin and I’m sooooo over it. Can’t even imagine riding in this heat. I’m not outside more than like 30 minutes a day right now! At least today was somewhat better – the dog and I were able to go to the dog park around 9 am without being too uncomfortable. A friend is up in Colorado and it sounds HEAVENLY.


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