Less than 4 weeks!

You know what’s fun? Planning a trip to Europe. You know what’s even more fun? When said trip is mostly horsey. You know what’s the most fun? The fact that it’s less than 4 weeks away.

Image result for dokr warendorf
DOKR (Deutsches Olympiade-Komitee für Reiterei, or the German Olympic Equestrian Committee), we’re coming for you!

The main reason we’re going is for Bundeschampionate, which is in Warendorf Germany from August 30-Sept 3. But of course we’re flying over a few days before, and staying a couple days after, so we have ample time to visit some farms, see some babies and stallions, and do some touristy things along the way, naturlich. This week we finalized all those other days, made an itinerary, and booked the hotels.

Day 1 will be mostly spent at a farm just outside of Brussels, looking at stallions and youngstock,

Image result for alicante stallion
Especially this guy, Alicante

then we’re heading north to Bruges.

Giant random red poodle in the garden? Had to book this hotel.

We definitely plan on eating our weight in waffles, but beyond that we’ll just see what looks appealing.

Image result for oyya bruges
what a coincidence, there’s a very highly rated waffle and ice cream shop just across the street from our hotel…

There’s also an entire museum dedicated to Pommes Frites though, which IMO that’s like a must-do. Yes, please teach me all about the history of pommes frites and then reward me with some at the end of the tour. Those are the kinds of things I really need to learn about in Europe.

Image result for bruges pommes frites
curry pommes frites

The next morning we hit the highway that runs along the coast, out of Belgium and into France, on down to the Rouen area. Here we’ll be visiting a pretty awesome pony jumper breeder

their ponies are cooler than ours

and then staying in a small village outside of town, on the Seine. Like literally right ON IT.

Hôtel Restaurant Le Bellevue, La Bouille, Double Room, River View, Guestroom

Hôtel Restaurant Le Bellevue, La Bouille, Hotel Front

The next day we have a pretty long drive all the way across France, back across southern Belgium (with a pitstop at the Zangersheide Studfarm to look at stallions)


before we finally get to our little farmhouse Airbnb in Germany, about 10 minutes from Warendorf.

ours is the smaller house at the bottom of the pic

Funny though, it takes almost the same amount of time to drive from Rouen to Warendorf as it does for me to drive from my house to Michelle’s farm. And we’re in the same damn state.

Once we get to Warendorf we have several things on the agenda. Of course there’s Bundeschampionate itself, although we’re going to just kind of pop in and out during the preliminary days and really only plan on staying all day for the showjumping and cross country finals. 

Luckily there is a TON of stuff within about an hour of there that we can do. There are a couple more studfarms we plan to hit, including Schockemohle and Ludger Beerbaum’s stallion station.

Image may contain: people standing, horse and outdoor
twist my arm, why don’t you

Mostly these four days that we’re in Warendorf are pretty open, by design. We’ll just see where our adventures take us, and figure out what all we can fit in. I had originally mapped out several awesome tack shops, but then one of the BuCha organizers told me that the shopping is supposed to be awesome at the event, so we’ll see what kind of trouble I can get into there. Either way, these are definitely on my list of things that will be coming home with me from Europe.

brown Ego 7’s

If I have any money left by the time we leave Warendorf, it’ll be a total miracle.

After being fully immersed in everything horsey for 4 straight days, we head back over to Brussels for our last afternoon and night. We both really loved the Grand Place last time we were in Brussels, so we’re going to spend our last evening binging on cheese and sausage platters and drinking framboise. Perhaps more waffles, too… let’s be real.

Hotel Résidence Le Quinze, Brussels, Single Room (Grand-Place View), Guestroom

Hotel Résidence Le Quinze, Brussels

Our hotel is literally IN the Grand Place, and we paid a little extra to have a room with a view of the Grand Place itself. Because how the hell do you beat that view?

By then we’ll probably be ready to come home, and hopefully all of our stuff will still fit in our bags. I may or may not be 10lbs heavier, both of body and of bag. I’m SUPER RIDICULOUSLY excited though, especially now that we have a really good plan and everything is booked.

And now, we wait 26 more days. But who’s counting?


38 thoughts on “Less than 4 weeks!

  1. That sounds like an amazing trip!
    The bf and I visited Bruges for the first time two weeks ago and we definiutely plan on going back. Def. take a boat trip over the “Grachten” and you *have* to try belgian fries. They are so good!
    There is a nice place by the water, at the park near the main train station. No food, just drinks. The view was so nice there.
    Oh, can you tell me the name of the bepoodled hotel? Thanks in advance!


  2. Oh man, this looks so fun. Um, if you happened to stumble across any good deals on Animos… size 44… (I mean, or a 17.5 wide tree saddle… but that’s more difficult to pack…) I’m not above finders fees…
    But really can’t wait for all the shiny photos of beautiful horses.


  3. It’s a really good thing there’s a boy named Presto waiting here for you, because I think visiting all of those breeding farms is going to be just a leeeeeetle bit tempting…. never mind boots, there are other brown things that neigh over there that are going to catch your eye! Your SO must be kinda worried! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  4. brb buying my ticket to come with. Our barn peeps are tentatively planning a horsey trip together in 2019 and imma be stealing some of your ideas/picking your brain as we get closer.


    1. Highly recommend! It can be really really affordable if you do it right, this trip is seriously costing me about as much a horse show. Totally worth it. I’m excited to go to Germany this time, too, since last time was just Belgium and France. Hopefully I love it as much as I loved Belgium!


    1. I could already pick Bacon an imaginary husband! But stealing semen from europe wouldn’t do much good, it’d be dead by the time it got here LOL. Perhaps you should try stealing frozen from a US broker? We could organize the job…


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