Gremy Update

Cats are weird, y’all. And kittens? Kittens are crazy. Next level insane. At one point in my life I knew all this, but not having had a cat for a really long time, I kind of forgot.

Gremy has settled in to her new life as a dog terrorist inside cat, and she’s starting to get a lot more comfortable in her surroundings. In the beginning she spent a lot of time clinging to us and was much more subdued. These days she most closely resembles the Tasmanian devil. What’s this bullshit I read on the internet about kittens sleeping 20 hours a day? HAHAHAHA. If that’s what’s normal, mine is broken, because she plays and plays and plays and plays for hours and then naps for like 20 minutes before she’s off and running again at full speed. Her favorite trick is to dash between your feet while you’re walking, causing you to perform acrobatics in an effort to avoid stepping on her, which tends to result in the human crashing into something. Hilaaaaarious.

or murdering water bottles

She had her first vet appointment last weekend where she officially weighed in at 1.2lbs. She got a couple of her first shots, they did bloodwork, checked her for ringworm, did a fecal, etc. She was PISSED. I had to sacrifice another hair tie to keep her distracted (I’ve somehow lost approximately 557 hairties in the past two weeks).


She also got her tag, so she’s officially official now. My name and number are on the back and everything.

And the SO got her a harness and leash because he’s deadset on having a cat he can walk. Of course she’s so tiny right now that even the tiniest one they had is too big, so he’ll have to revisit that endeavor once she gets a bit bigger.

The dogs are still terrified of her, which has emboldened her a bit. She is not at all shy about coming at them with a needle-filled claw if they get too close, and she quite enjoys playing with Delia’s tail. They still have a little more settling in to do before everything is seamless, but so far everyone has at least escaped unscathed and for the most part they seem satisfied to leave each other alone.

So far so good! She’s definitely in that lunatic kitten stage, but she seems to have transitioned to her new life happily enough.


And she’s still really damn cute when she sleeps, even though those moments are getting more and more brief…

25 thoughts on “Gremy Update

  1. Kittens don’t sleep 20 hours a day. Like ever. And I’ve had many a cat in my day. They use up all their life energy in the kitten stage and THEN sleep 20 hours a day when they are older. Cats put all their energy into growing up and playing and then have no more energy for cat stage. πŸ˜‰

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      1. That’s the best part of a kitten, imo. They attack life and are fully into whatever they are doing. All baby creatures seem to be like that. πŸ™‚


  2. I’ll be honest, I really want a cat/kitten, and Gremlin is not helping.

    Also, I think L’s two name idea should come into play – Gizmo while sleeping, Gremlin while awake πŸ™‚


  3. Two things: 1. The satirist Garrison Keillor (“A Prairie Home Companion”, “Lake Wobegon Days”, etc.) put out a great and VERY funny CD called “Songs of the Cat”. Run, do not walk, to get it. It includes spoofs on Johnny Cash, Mozart and other luminaries, and the perfect song about tripping over cats. Keillor knows cats!
    2. About cat harnesses – cats can extricate themselves from a harness faster than an octopus can get out of a lobster trap. I tried walking my Alice; she shucked off the harness and vanished into the house faster than you can say “knife” – so be warned! ;o)


  4. Aww, cute little devilish kitty! I hope the dogs warm up to her. There is not much that is more fun to watch than cats and dogs playing, especially if they’re playing at being vicious..
    The ears are killing me. What is it with you and large-eared animals? I see a pattern there.


  5. I laughed at you just a tiny bit when you said you brought her home, just cause kittens are such total terrors. The last cat I brought home is 2 and he destroys everything. Nope. 2 is still too young. Maybe 12.


  6. As for walking a cat, tell the SO that one of three things will happen:
    1. As soon as you put the harness on the cat will promptly plop down and refuse to move
    2. You will discover that you have cat that will happily follow you everywhere without a leash or harness, even if you’re out walking your dog, or
    3. The cat will actually not mind going for a walk on a leash.
    I’ve had many cats and each one fit into one of these “cat”agories, mostly number 1.


  7. My 18and 17 year old cats died within a week if each other …I forgot what kittens were like and got one for my dog and I…I’ve never used the word mental case co much


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