Fatty Fatty 4 x 4

Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but, um… Henry is a bit of a porker at the moment.

maybe he’s pregnant?

I’d noticed that over the past couple months he was looking more fluffy, but I just figured that it was because we’d cut back on conditioning work for the summer. It’s not that unusual for Henry’s weight to fluctuate a little, depending on his work load. So I didn’t really think much of it, figuring that as he went back into a more normal schedule, the weight would start to come back off.

But when I showed up for my dressage lesson, and Trainer hadn’t seen him for 2 months, she said “He’s so fat! Look, he has a fat pad above his tail!! HAHAHAHAHA OH MY GOD!”. So rude. Poor Henry.

Y U so mean???

It’s ironic that she said that on that particular day though, because when I went to get him out of his pasture before we headed over there for our lesson, I was walking up to him going “OMG he’s fat… is that a halter horse or a thoroughbred? Maybe it’s just the angle?”. Because really from certain angles he doesn’t look fat at all, but then from others, well… halter horse.

Henry is no stranger to FattyFatLand… I don’t think I’ll ever forget that very first day when I unloaded him from the trailer, pulled off his blanket, and was greeted by this:

Yes, I leaned down and checked to make sure he had boy parts. Then sent his DNA off to the Jockey Club to confirm he was a TB. No, he’s not a pregnant mare, and yes, he’s a thoroughbred. He’s just a bit of a fluff when he’s not working.

Image result for fluffy gif

I also found out that the weekend feeder has accidentally been giving him double rations, which I’m sure hasn’t helped. Henry was probably delighted, but I don’t think he needs THAT MUCH Triple Crown Senior (his standard ration is the lowest recommended daily amount).

It also kind of made me think about how different the ideals are for each sport. If Henry was a hunter, he’d be pretty perfect. But he’s not a hunter, he’s an event horse. He has to gallop a lot and jump solid stuff for a living, so we don’t want a lot of extra weight on him. I’d already started adding his long trots back into our repertoire, but I think it’s time to start bumping up the time. Somebody needs to lose a bit of that fat lard before fall season starts, and hey, maybe his rider will lose some too?

25 thoughts on “Fatty Fatty 4 x 4

  1. Bahaha! Pig is a lard-ass right now. He was flirting with the line between bodybuilder and fat ass for awhile. A week of reduced work tipped him right over into the “resembles butter tub” category. I guess it’s time to take him off grain altogether?

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  2. I’m with Ashley – I see too many scrawny TBs around, and I come from Hunterland, so I think he has beeYOUtiful curves! πŸ˜‰ I get it, though. I’m sure a slimming regime and cooler weather will have him looking more like an eventer soon. It really is astounding how quickly some horses can lose weight so I think you’re better off in this direction!


  3. I wish I had this problem. I have the stereotypical hard keeper-type TB.
    Though for an eventer, Mort would probably be perfect right now. He’s fit and muscular and slender. But I’m a dressage rider and I want to walk the line between eventers and hunters.


  4. Daw Henny! Come live with me and be your best round self! I can’t help but see irony in that you have a TB that looks like a QH and I have a (HALTER BRED) App that often gets mistaken as a Appendix QH or TB. hahaha. Those boys like defying their genetics. πŸ˜‰


  5. Superchunk, he’s superchunkaayyy! He still looks so much better than he did in the “mare” pic. πŸ™‚
    Our border collie thinks his mission in life is to be a Big Fat Dog, he’s getting 1/2 what his previous owner fed him & I can’t find his ribs at all.


  6. I used to have that problem…now I’m trying to put weight in my moose and he burns 1500 cal in his stall because he paces when he’s out of hay.


  7. Grif has the same halter horse look from some angles and perfection look from others. After traveling to our dressage show weekend in July though, he lost a ton of weight. Kid doesn’t do travel well, I guess. So maybe a little extra weight before shows won’t be a bad thing…


  8. Hahaha just this week my husband commented to me that Cinna was looking rather “fluffy”. Which is what happens when her owner is too lazy to ride πŸ˜‚ it happens Henny! No doubt he’ll get fit and trim again this fall πŸ˜‰


  9. Poor Henny. Everybody is so mean. It is no wonder he is giving everybody the mare glare.
    I personally blame the feeder. What is a horse to do? Leave is feed in the tub? Come on! There’ll be mice or rats if he does that. Plus-risking bad weather (is that just a german thing? Children here get told that it is their fault when there is bad weather if they do not eat all their food at lunch and/or dinner-in Texas terms that probably means you’re getting 2015 degrees with 95% humidity).
    So you see: Henny did not have a choice but to eat it all. He is being a good Henny.


  10. OMG, that picture from when you first got him! Jampy is also pretty fat. He doesn’t get much grain, but I think it’s time I cut back on the hay…
    I’ve always liked mine a little on the chubbier side. Probably from doing hunters most of my life. But now that most of my horses are older, I’m learning the importance of keeping them less… fluffy. It’s really a fine line though. One minute they’re too fat, then they’re good for a minute, and then I think oh, I see a rib! The horror! Here eat all the food. And we go around again.


  11. “If Henry was a hunter, he’d be pretty perfect.”

    Yep. If I weren’t so fat, I’d be thin.
    Maybe my weekend feeder should stop giving me pizza…and pasta…and ice cream…

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  12. Maybe try switching from Triple Crown Senior to Triple Crown 30 Supplement (Ration Balancer)? My horse loves TC Senior but gets too chunky too easy… The TC 30 supplement delivers protein, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. without unneeded calories.

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    1. That’s a pretty massive difference calorie and fat wise. I’ve fed TC30 before but not to this horse, only to ones that weren’t in very hard work. He does pretty great on the senior… when he gets the right amount, and when he’s in a full normal workload ;).

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