Travelin’ Man

I try to always give plenty of advance notice to the barn owner and barn staff whenever Henry is going to be gone for lessons or horse shows. Ya know, so nobody panics when he’s not in his paddock or stall. I sat down the other day to text them his August schedule and realized… Henry is gonna be away from home for like 2 straight weeks. Big time traveler, this guy.

very sophisticated Porkerpotamus 

His whirlwind Texas tour starts on the 19th, when we head up north for a Ride-a-Test/$5 Show Jump Rounds day, and then stay overnight so we can XC school the next morning. From there we head straight south for 6 days of barnsitting, and then from there I go straight to Trainer’s to drop him off for a week.

Pretty excited to be able to take him barnsitting with me… a couple of the horses are spending the summer in Colorado (lucky them) so that makes space available for him to come along with me. There’s a fancy. legit dressage arena on the property, so we’ll spend the week torturing ourselves in a real, bonafide dressage ring. Normally we don’t see those unless we’re at lessons or shows. Which probably explains a lot about my test geometry.

what I did the last time I brought Henry with me to barnsit
I’m an eventer, I can’t help it.

And then of course he’s going to “camp” at Trainer’s while I’m in Europe. He’s gonna head over there a couple days before I leave so that I have time to get all my shit together for my trip, and then she’s going to drop him off on her way through my town, a few days before I get home. Lord only knows what they’ll do together, but hopefully he’s not too mad by the time she’s done.

So now I’m figuring out what all I need to take with me in order for him to have everything he needs to be away from home for 2 weeks, and exactly how I should transport it all since I don’t have a dressing room in my trailer. He basically needs…. everything, I guess?? We’re about to be gypsies!

20 thoughts on “Travelin’ Man

        1. Whether or not she returns him depends on what they work on. When she just gets to show him she wants to keep him, but when he has dressage boot camp she seems happy to be rid of him! 😉

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  1. I travel a lot with my horses. Of all the things I have ever forgotten to pack it has always, always, always been things for me! Horse food – check. People food – ummm, does a year old granola bar found in the bottom of my grooming box count? Horse tack – check. Socks, entire toiletry kit and shoes (other than those on my feet) – well, that was a particularly difficult time in my life. At least I am consistent 🙂


  2. We just got back from 2 weeks in Colorado, 2 adults, 2 dogs, a human baby and a horse, my trailer dressing room was packed to the roof! Good luck. Suggestion, pack a first aid kit and put it somewhere where you can reach it, you never know when horse or human will need a patch job.


    1. Luckily we will be places where there are “all the comforts of home”, so to speak, as far as stuff like that. It’s more remembering to bring all of my tack, his boots, grooming stuff, etc etc… all the day to day equipment for every discipline and enough grain for two weeks. We’ll see how much stuff I can shove in my tack trunk. 😉

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