Most Loved Things – Review Updates

Last week I had a couple different people ask for updates on things I’d reviewed a while ago, so I thought I’d do a “quick n dirty” review update on how some of my favorite things are standing the test of time.


Majyk Equipe boots

I sing ME’s praises a lot, but it’s because I really do love them. Not only are the boots great, the people behind the company are great too. My very first pair of Majyk Equipe XC boots – that I got in 2014 and have used almost daily since – have finally just now had the binding shred on one of the fronts. Considering how much my horse interferes, this is kind of miraculous. He’s a boot killer extraordinaire. I have many pairs of ME boots in my collection these days, and have continued to be extremely happy with all of them. They’re dedicated to using the best technology and materials, and always striving to improve, and it really shows.

Lorenzini stirrups

When I originally reviewed these my one and only real complaint was about durability, since I’d already had some chipping of the surface paint.  Luckily, aside from a couple of very tiny dings, the chipping has not really progressed, and is pretty much limited to the area that sits underneath the stirrup leather (as you can see in the above pic). I do still really love these things otherwise – they’re super pretty and I like the grippiness of the footbed and the weight of the iron. I know some other people that have tried them and had some knee pain, which I’ve never had a problem with myself, but as with any expensive stirrup I’d suggest attempting to trial a pair before you drop a ton of money.



Kentucky Bridleworks halter

I loved this thing when I got it and love it even more now that it’s super soft and broken in. Henry tried to murder it when he was solidly in his “the hose is a snake” phase, but luckily he only broke off part of the crown (BAD HORSE) so it’s still usable. This leather on this thing is RUGGED, the hardware is solid, and it’s only gotten better with age.



Ovation Aqua X breeches

These are my favorite all-around breeches. They’ve been so great this summer, nice and lightweight but still super flattering and comfortable. I wear them more than any of my other breeches and the fabric still looks fantastic. The only sign of wear is the silicone at the knees has started to wear at the edges, which is something that does happen with silicone. I can’t wait for the hunter green ones to come out this fall… slowly I will fill my closet with these things. 110% worth the extremely reasonable price.



Kastel Sunshirts

This was one of the very first reviews I ever did, more than 3 years ago, and I’m still using the same shirts I was wearing back then. I’ve added many more Kastels to my collection in that time, and well as sunshirts from various other brands. The Kastels are still my favorite by far, and these days it’s pretty easy to find them on sale. A good sunshirt is an absolute necessity when you’re in the south, and there’s really no reason to not own at least 10 of these things.


Boy O Boy Bridleworks

I never did a formal review on my Boy O Boy products, I did a Small Business Spotlight on the company, but I really feel like I have to circle back around and sing their praises a bit more. I absolutely LOVE my custom belt and the matching polo finish browband, they’re just so impeccably made and look fantastic. BoB stuff might seem a bit on the pricey side, but you’re paying for something that is handmade and done to the absolute highest standards, so to me it’s worth it. These are the kinds of items you keep for a very long time.



Lund Saddlery tack

I’ve reviewed a lot of pieces of Lund tack over the past year, and I’m happy to report that all of it is holding up really well. I’ve absolutely abused this tack and it still looks fantastic. They’ve worked hard to iron out some of the original challenges with ordering and shipping, and it’s been fun to see this company grow, expand, and progress since their debut. They continue to keep coming out with really solid additions to their line, which you’ll continue to see more of here.

28 thoughts on “Most Loved Things – Review Updates

  1. I love your reviews. I’ve discovered lots of great new products through you. I would love to see a post on your favorite things that keep Henry happy & healthy, supplements, shampoo, fly spray, brushes, etc…. I have had stock breeds my entire life, but I purchased an OTTB in February. I had an idea of what to expect, sensitive, etc., but I’m still navigating what works best for him.

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    1. That would basically be a big Teddy’s Tack Trunk post! LOL. For real though, the owner Toi has really revolutionized my grooming/care product game. If you have any questions I’d email her and ask for suggestions! She’s never steered me wrong. As far as supplements, I place more emphasis on good quality feed and hay… not really into the supplements so much. I’m trying something at the moment though, a combo of a couple easy things plus a neat new little gadget… we’ll see how that works!


      1. That would be great! I’m not a huge supplement person either but Roo will be scoped for ulcers next week and after he’s probably going to need a good ulcer supplement. I know fly spray isn’t all that effective but I would love something that doesn’t make Roo break out in hives. Also, anything she could recommend for a sensitive skin TB. I knew TB’s were sensitive but I’m not sure if Roo is your typical sensitive guy or a hot house flower. Any suggestions for anything you use would be great!

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  2. I got some Ovation Aqua-X breeches on your recommendation and I love them! They’re by far my favorites. Only complaint is the mesh sock bottom got runs in it where it attaches to the regular breech fabric immediately, which was a bummer but doesn’t affect them overall.


  3. Seriously- Kastel shirts are THE BEST, especially now that they are actually affordable. I look forward to trying some Lund tack once they add more hunter pieces to their line, they seem to have sturdy quality stuff for a decent price. Keep up the great reviews!

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  4. What a great surprise! Thanks so much for the nice mention, Amanda! For small equestrian businesses like Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks, it makes such a difference to have bloggers take notice of us and spread the word — especially since you’ve got a discerning eye and you tell it like it is.

    We can be a little hide-bound and dismissive of other disciplines/ways of doing things/ aesthetics over here in Hunter/Jumper Land, where I’m from. I’ve learned a lot from your blog, especially about about great brands and items I wasn’t familiar with before and it’s been really eye-opening and informative. So thanks again!

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  5. Which Aqua-X breeches do you get the regular or slim secret? I got a used pair from a FB group that I think are the regular ones and I adore them! So great for Texas summer! I also ordered some Romfh Sarafina’s on Karen M’s rec.


  6. Oh man, hunter green Aqua-X breeches… Just take my money. All of it. Here.
    I keep thinking about getting a BOB belt, but then I get overwhelmed by trying to figure out which patter I want and I haven’t done it yet. I’m not good with options.


    1. You should contact Amanda and see if she has some recommendations. She’s got such a good creative eye for color combos and patterns, I love what she did with mine.


  7. i too love the boots (I have two pairs of them the new ones in purple and my original ones they both still look great) and also the Lund tack. I only have the breastplate but LOVE it so much and need to add more Lund tack to my list!!

    And Bobby is one of your most used items I think 🙂 HA


  8. Love this! I’ve been able to get and understand really quality things from reading your blog, so I thank you! I got the Ovation Aqua-Xs from your recommendation and they’re literally the best breech for the extreme heat. And now thanks to you I know they’re coming in hunter! So now of course I must get them lol. But actually, I’d absolutely love a post about everything underneath LOL. I read your “there’s the rub” post which helped me find the champion brand that has also saved me many times this summer haha. Like, what’s your favorite for under white breeches? Hahaha that post would probably be filled with WAY too much TMI lol!

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  9. I’m so glad I heard about the Ovation AquaX breeches from you! I’m obsessed and I need them in every color now (also, thank you for the Riding Warehouse code you emailed me, I realize I never thanked you!)

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  10. Count me in as another southerner obsessed with the AquaX. I thought I would never love another pair of summer breeches as much as the ones I busted falling on asphalt but THESE. ARE. AMAZING. I just need them to come in black!


    1. According to the ovation website, they do come in black. I don’t remember seeing them at any retailer, but maybe if you email ovation they can tell you where to buy them.


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