Birthday Weekend Horse Camp

Who requests a gymnastics torture lesson on their birthday? My dumb ass. And when Trainer nonchalantly says “you should come up the night before for a dressage lesson and just stay over”, who answers “hell yeah, birthday weekend Horse Camp!”? Yep, you guessed it. Newsflash, I’m not any smarter at 34 than I was at 33.

its ok, he’s not any smarter at 10 than he was at 9

I have literally zero media from Friday. Nary a picture, not even a shot of Henry in the crossties. But FINALLY Henry decided to show up for a lesson as pretty much the same horse I have at home, which made this lesson much more productive than last weekend’s. Plus I didn’t almost die of heat stroke, so… there’s that.

Mostly we worked on lengthenings and our counter canter loops again, and got several “YES YES YES!!!” and “THERE!”s from Trainer’s general direction, which I’ll happily take. They’re rare. At one point we apparently even got some toe flick. Who knew Henny was capable? We got good feedback (will I ever stop sitting to the outside at canter? probably not.) and homework, so it was FINALLY a productive dressage lesson. Thanks for deciding to show up, Henny.

Even with a 7pm lesson I sweated so much that it looked like I’d jumped in a pool, and by the time I’d showered and scarfed down some food, I promptly passed the hell out. I don’t even think I made it to 10pm. Wild parties these days.

As soon as I got to the barn the next morning I went to check on Henry in his turnout and found this:

Pacing, sweating Henry staring at the mare next door like a total creeper. I pulled him out to hose him off and he immediately started screaming and spinning. Oh good… those two precarious brain cells totally fell out in the paddock overnight when he apparently professed his undying devotion to the mare. Super.

Trainer pulled up to find him in the crossties screaming and pawing, and me standing there giving him whatfor. When I explained what was going on she smiled evilly and said “Grab a rope halter and tie him to The Tree of Knowledge for a while!”. And that’s how Henry legit ended up spending an hour and a half tied to a tree like a rogue 2yo while I jump crewed for the first lesson.

not as embarrassed as he should be

He screamed, he pawed, he kicked out at the air, he bit the rope, and he tried to dig a hole to China, but by the time I went to get him to tack him up, he had gotten most of the temper tantrum out of his system. The Tree of Knowledge wins again.

The lesson itself was just what we needed, working on getting Henry powering to and jumping from the base, and trying to get me to stop chucking my body at him. That will probably forever be a work in progress, chucking my body is my fave.

Mostly though he was just extremely offended at having to TROT into the gymnastic. He warmed up like he thought he was HH Azur strutting into the Olympic stadium… he was so excited to finally be jumping after 3 dressage lessons in a row and very little jumping all summer period. Then he was horrified at having to trot into the line via poles and a crossrail, like he was some kind of green baby. DON’T WE KNOW WHO HE IS???

he is beauty, he is grace, his legs are all over the place…

You never have to guess how Henry feels about something, his emotions are quite clear. We got a couple good efforts by the end though, and again took home some things to work on, so mission accomplished for the weekend.

Plus on the way home I stopped at a new gas station on my route and discovered that not only does it have a Which Wich in it, it also has FROYO with a ton of topping options. Happy effin’ birthday to ME!!! That’s my new official refueling spot from now on.

15 thoughts on “Birthday Weekend Horse Camp

  1. professing ignorance here what is a Which wich?? LOL and so funny how it is so easy to sway your refueling stops 🙂 Glad Henry was good (To a point) HA. I can’t believe he lost his shit like that over a mare. Too funny. God knows what those two got up to over night 🙂 Looks like it was a fun weekend and a good way to spend a birthday. 🙂


  2. I think that it’s a little funny when older, more seasoned horses find something to be totally nutty about. My horse has found a few of those lately as well. I’m glad Henry got over it!

    I have been on a huge sandwich kick lately. We have a which wich here and I love their sandwiches. Great place to stop!


  3. Happy Birthday!!!
    I need a tree of knowledge. I used to tie Ducky to the fence sometimes when he was in his stationary hony phase. But the little shit would untie himself while I was riding another one and that was never good.
    Jampy did gymnastics this weekend too. He’s old though, and loves trotting in to things. He thinks it’s a lot easier than having to canter forward. So hard. So lazy.


  4. OH man. I SO need a Tree of Knowledge. SO BAD. I’d prefer it to be tied up high like Henny had but we don’t have a tree sturdy enough to withstand the wrath of RedMare at the barn. Plus, it’s only ever an issue when she and her lover 4-lyfe Joey travel together. When we go to mini-trials she loses her everloving mind when he leaves the stall/warm-up/goes out of sight. I just so badly want her to have a sense of agency and be able to self-soothe.


  5. Only somebody in Texas would say “it wasn’t so bad” to riding in 110+ degrees heat…..Jeebus…
    Happy (belated?)birthday to you!
    I am super envious..sandwiches are not something you can get easily here in Germany.


  6. Tree time is the best when they are being idiots. Houston needs more of that in his life since he’s grown stupid attached to his sister 😑

    Also best refueling station ever.


  7. Happy Happy Birthday to you…. The tree of knowledge, ah my Freddy needs one at times. He doesn’t sidle up to mares and express his dying love. He is like this with Geldings. I’m gonna say it out loud, “my freddy is homosexual” and his mummy loves him and is proud and supportive of his choices. 🙂
    Happy Riding & Keep Smiling
    Mel x


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