The craziest weekend in sports

I was barnsitting this weekend, so I didn’t get a lot of saddle time, but I did manage to squeeze in a lot of live streaming. Thank goodness for Radio Badminton, so I could clean stalls and listen to the action. Also their replays of the live stream are awesome. Badminton coverage in general is 5 stars, no pun intended. Their dressage commentary is literally the only reason I watched all of the dressage rides. But anyway, between the Kentucky Derby and Badminton, I’m still feeling a little mindblown from the weekend! Seriously crazy finishes to both.

how did they even stay on their feet?

The Kentucky Derby situation is just sad all around. The stewards made the right call, enforcing the rules as they are written. Maximum Security definitely almost caused a really bad situation (even unintentionally) but it’s also really a bummer to see what was clearly the best horse in the race get a DQ and a horse who was not going to win promoted to be a Derby Winner in his place. It sucks for the horse, it sucks for the sport, and it sucks for all of his connections. It even sucks for the winner, because who wants to win that way? And it really sucks for the stewards, whose job it is to enforce the rules, which they did, even knowing the enormity of the call. Talk about a thankless job. It really feels like no one won here at all. But thank goodness we didn’t see a major accident, and that everyone came home safe to race another day.

Boy the drama, though. The facebook fights got really heated, and I swear there were viral blog posts going around within just a few hours. And then of course what the colt’s connections posted on Instagram.

Drama. Drama everywhere. It might not be the kind of excitement we wanted for racing this year, but you certainly can’t say that it’s boring.

Now: can we talk about how Ollie lost Badminton by a TIME PENALTY??? OH MY GAAAHHHDDDD. I’m so torn on this, because Piggy French is certainly a very deserving winner, who doesn’t love to see her finally get a 5* win? But on the other hand, omg how awful to lose by a freaking time penalty. Of course, placing second at Badminton a week after winning Kentucky definitely starts feeling like shades of #whitegirlproblems. Still though. Talk about reliving something in your head on repeat… I bet he spent a while sitting there thinking of all the possible places he could have made up that one second of time. These events often have nail-biting finishes, but that was the craziest thing I’ve seen in a while.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, outdoor
Piggy also wears Champion helmets! I do love the crap out of my Champion skull cap.

I also still have no idea how Ollie got his other (6th place) horse around the XC, I’m pretty sure he picked him up and threw him over the last 10 jumps. That horse has so little blood (30%) and he definitely looked like it by the end. The horse kept trying for Ollie though, and recovered well for Sunday. There was so much good riding throughout the weekend. It makes it really really fun to watch.

In my own little sports world, the only thing I really accomplished in the last few days was cranking out an article for the next issue of Eventing USA and finishing our Unicorn virtual race. Bobby logged his last miles on Sunday morning while I was mucking stalls, so technically I guess he finished before I did. But he also started before I did… so I’m calling it a draw. The app already mailed my medal, too, so that was fast. Next up: the Nessie race! At some point I want to do one logging only horseback miles, I think that would be fun. Granted, Bobby has 2 rideable horses and I only have one, so then again maybe not…

I really want this shirt

We are back to our regular schedule this week, although it’s supposed to monsoon rain basically all week, so that’s fun. Hopefully we’ll be able to go look at a potential new barn or two as well. I don’t feel as dramatically sad about our barn closure situation anymore, I think I’m moved into the “acceptance” stage of things. We’ll figure something out.

Hope everyone had a good weekend! Derby or Badminton thoughts???


13 thoughts on “The craziest weekend in sports

  1. Absolutely insane weekend, but I was so happy to see Piggy win! Ollie’s weight loss led to some interesting comments too.
    Semi-related, I reallllly wish Champion made a brown helmet.


  2. Didn’t see the Derby live. Warching the replay, especially slo-mos, I am just glad everybody made it to the finish line. This could have been such a disaster if Will To Win’s jockey didn’t manage to pull his horse back like he did…
    I think the DQ was justified and I support it completely. But it does make for a very dissatisfying result. I wish a do over was possible..

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  3. Omg I’m also so over all the uneducated commentary on the derby I keep hearing on social. I own a horse who did this dangerous shit all the time, and was called on it. I’m honestly surprised he made it through his racing career unscathed. It’s unsafe, it should be punished. That horse was clearly unprepared for the atmosphere of the Derby and reacted to it. The trainer should have been sanctioned. He put people’s lives at risk. #strongfeels #sorrynotsorry


  4. well you could argue he ‘lost by a time penalty’ OR he lost by the botched change he had in dressage OR he lost by time on xc…

    at the end of the day he left the door open, and piggy bolted through it. I was absolutely overjoyed for her.

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    1. Yeah that’s what I was saying to my trainer yesterday, I bet he’s really thinking about all of those missed opportunities where he could have gotten that 0.3 back!


  5. Gah! The Derby! People are so upset about the results and yeah, it sucks that the strongest horse didn’t win but holy shit, it could have been awful. Watching those replays, knowing both horses stayed upright, I still couldn’t believe they did. I’m glad the stewards made that call, as tough as it was. Very glad everyone made it home in one piece, too.
    I’m still so bummed for you on your barn situation, I haven’t been able to comment on it. I absolutely hate seeing beautiful ground destroyed for housing developments.


  6. Who filed the complaint for the Derby? Where I was the tv kept cutting out but I thought I heard it was Country House’s people… my only issue is did they file the complaint bc they saw a chance to win or bc it was such a close call that could of ended in disaster? I’m fine with the ruling, it sucks major ass but it’s just like half a second that results in 1 time penalty at Badminton… but at the same time what an emotional weekend!!!!! So stoke for Piggy!!!


    1. Long Range Toddy and Country House both filed objections. CH’s jockey claimed MS moved into War of Will who moved into Toddy who moved into and bumped CH as he was making his move. I don’t think it matters who made the claim once the stewards got a hold of it, they could determine who got bumped. There was another horse (maybe Bodexpress) that checked so hard I’m not sure how he stayed up either. Really unfortunate all around. I feel bad for those stewards who I am sure wanted to do the right thing and not have to take MS down for the sake of all of racing.


  7. So much drama! I have a hard time with the opinion that the penalty shouldn’t have been called because it’s the KY Derby. If the highest level of sport doesn’t have to adhere to rules, why should anyone? I agree with you though, it sucks for everyone, all around.


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