Presto Vlog #1 – The Introduction

Okay, this whole vlog creation thing took a lot longer than I thought. Mostly because nailing down the logistics was the hardest part… figuring out what program to use (and then how to use it), struggling with my laptop’s microphone, trying to download videos off the internet… it was a big learning curve. The only thing I couldn’t really figure out was the glitchy audio – you’ll notice several times in the vlog where it seems like a syllable or even a whole word disappears. No I don’t have a speech impediment. No I wasn’t drunk. Yes I know how to pronounce words such as blogger and dressage. I struggled with the audio forever trying to figure out why it was glitching, and re-recorded several times, but didn’t have any luck. It’s gotta be either the software – HD movie maker pro – or my laptop’s microphone. I dunno. I’ll try to figure it out before the next one, but I was at my wit’s end for this one (I welcome assistance from anyone who thinks they might know what the problem is. I had no luck with Professor Google…).

Anyway, here we go – Presto’s Vlog #1!


This first vlog is basically covering Presto’s backstory – how he came to be, detail about his parents (and video of them both), why I chose Mighty Magic, super cute baby horse footage, and a recap of his early struggles. It was a lot to cover so I condensed it as much as possible but it’s still a bit long. Sorry. I’m wordy by nature. I promise the next ones will be shorter, since they only have to cover a month instead of 3 years.

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, or criticism, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me a message. My main goal for these is to share more detail about my own thought process and show a little more of what happens behind the scenes, so I’m happy to address things either one on one or in future vlogs.

Thanks for watching!

32 thoughts on “Presto Vlog #1 – The Introduction

  1. Wow- I really liked your vlog #1! I am a new blog follower here so I did not know Presto’s background. You told an engaging story with great photos and video clips. You also have a pleasing voice-tone for vlogging. I think vlogging Presto’s progress as he grows up is a fantastic idea. I look forward to the next installment!


  2. I wanted to cry all over again through the hospitalization part. But the ball abuse at the end cheered me right back up again.


    1. This is the first time I’ve gone back through all my facebook posts and pictures from when he was in the hospital, and it still wasn’t a fun exercise. I realized how little I actually said about how heart-wrenching it was to witness. Memories that I think are burned into my psyche and still feel haunting. I’m glad I’m the one carrying the trauma from it and not him, though!


  3. I wasn’t prepared for revisiting the emotional roller coaster of his first few weeks!!! Tears were just streaming, remembering how much we all suffered with him! Ugh I’m so grateful that he made it, he is just like one of my coming 3yr olds in personality & it endears him to me that much more. Her name is Dupree & if we ever cross paths with you & Presto, it will be a circus sideshow😂I really enjoyed the vlog, especially as an amateur bringing up a couple babies myself. It’s very entertaining seeing someone else’s journey & what works/doesn’t work for them. Keep up the good work, you’re a diamond in a sea of crackerjack rings😝


  4. I loved this, especially all of the thought that went in to choosing Mighty Magic as his sire, and the clips of his relatives. I cannot WAIT for the undersaddle vlogs to come! It seems like it’s been an eternity from foal to 3 year old and yet it also seems like it went by in a heartbeat. 🙂


    1. I’m thinking the next one will probably end up being an overview of everything he knows so far, I kind of want to talk about my basic philosophies for why I do what I do and how I tailored things for him in particular. We’ll see when we get those first rides in, its kind of up in the air right now!


  5. I think this was a good length. Loved the in depth explanation of why you chose Mighty Magic, cried a little at seeing the tiny little guy fighting for his life and am overall amazed what a great horse he is now. Not timid or anxious but with an absolute zest for life if that’s not too anthromorphizing.
    Thank you for taking on the extra work of doing a vlog!!


  6. This was great! I started following you after you brought him home from Willow Tree and it was really nice to get an overview of everything. I’m really looking forward to hearing more.

    (My deepest sympathy on the glitches — I’ve done some audio recording and it can be SO frustrating to figure out what’s happening. I used totally different software and was only doing audio, though, so my only thought is an issue with the encoding process? IDK. I’d be interested to see if it sounds like that in the original raw file, too.)


    1. gah, i don’t know, i recorded directly into the app using their voice over feature. Maybe i should record outside of the app and then import the file? Something new to try, anyway…


  7. I think you did a terrific job and I didn’t even notice any audio glitches! Seriously, this was way better and more professional than almost all the the vlogs for the Futurity. I’m very impressed and I work in communications! Also, not too long at all. Presto’s story is (unfortunately) a bit more complicated than most 3-year-olds, so you had a lot to discuss. That really must have been hard to look at all your posts from The Horrible Time.

    I knew some of your reasoning behind choosing Mighty Magic for your special foal, but not all of it and nothing much about MM’s or Sadie’s parents. Thought all of that most interesting, too! In particular I’m intrigued by the fact that so much TB blood can be infused into Warmblood registries and yet still have the offspring be called Warmbloods. I know you prefer a higher percentage of blood, so I’m looking forward to seeing how Presto develops as compared to a number of the Futurity horses with a lot less. I, personally, would go your route…

    Thanks for doing this – can’t wait for more!


    1. Thank you! It was a learning curve, I already have some ideas of what I’d like to do better next time.

      Most of the warmblood registries are not actually breeds, so the content of the horses within the registry can vary widely. It is heavily sport based versus just lineage based like breeds are. Certain breeds are acceptable to be infused into the registry as long as they meet the quality standards.


  8. Out of curiosity – you mention that the mare is the most important part, but so much focus in breeding and even in the “by the blood” recaps you do, the focus seems to be on the sires. Is there a reason why that tends to be the case? Why do people not talk about the dams more?


    1. Stallions can produce thousands of offspring, whereas a mare produces only a handful. It’s tough to have much quantitative data about most mares, especially while they’re still young enough to be producing foals. I do track marelines as well, and mention them in the In the Blood posts when there are noteworthy tidbits. Marelines are very important, tracked by all registries, and followed closely by good breeders. It’s just tough to glean useful information about them in the short term the same way you can with stallions, due to the number of offspring.


  9. I follow your blog as an over 55 AA dressage student with no eventing background-and I have been entirely entertained with your adventures and then entirely heartbroken to watch Presto come into the world. I agree with you, the traumatic start to his young life and you blogging about it undercut how devastating it was for you. Presto looks so much like his sire and Sadie is there too. Both such beautiful horses. Given Presto’s playful personality, love of water and giant ball tricks it will be a hoot to watch him under saddle and learning to event. Can’t wait. Thanks for sharing your insights and putting out educational content and the ridiculous. It’s a great blog and vlog.


  10. Wow! Amanda, you have such a gift of communicating! (I know besides a “gift” you put in countless hours of research! Brought back the tears of Presto’s first year! What a roller coaster for him, you, and everyone around him. Thank you for sharing!!


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