Show Recaps

Greenwood Fall Horse Trials – October 2015

Greenwood Fall HT – dressage and stadium

Greenwood Fall HT – cross country

What I learned at Greenwood


American Eventing Championships – September 2015

American Eventing Championships – dressage

American Eventing Championships – cross country

American Eventing Championships – stadium and awards


Corona Summer Horse Trials – August 2015

Corona Summer HT – dressage

Corona Summer HT – stadium

Corona Summer HT – cross country


Texas Rose Horse Trials – June 2015

Texas Rose HT – course walk and pre-game

Texas Rose HT – dressage and stadium

Texas Rose HT – cross country


Corona del Sol Horse Trials – May 2015

Corona Horse Trails – course walk

Corona Horse Trials – full recap


Greenwood Horse Trials – May 2015

Greenwood recap – dressage and stadium

Greenwood recap – Cross Country


Pine Hill Horse Trials – April 2015

Pine Hill HT – Show Time!


MeadowCreek Horse Trials – November 2014

Henry’s first event: Day 1 dressage and stadium

Henry’s first event: Day 2 XC


LOPE benefit Eventing Derby – September 2014

Henry’s first eventing derby!



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